Meet our 2018 Scholarship Winners

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 20:45
by Debbie Theil

The Quad City CPCU Society Chapter has announced the winners of its eighth annual scholarship program.

The 2018 Scholarship Winners that are member's children or grandchildren are Heather Coers, Bethany Hofer, Haley Krol,  and Edward Van Camp.  This is the 2nd year scholarships were also given to students who are currently in college who are interested in a career in insurance.  Those winners are Leandra Feldmann, Sara Ploch and Jacob Unmacht.

The scholarship program is in its eighth year and was started as a means of increasing member involvement in the local chapter. The sponsorship is open to children and grandchildren of chapter members, who serve as their sponsor.  Scholarships were also awarded for the 2nd year for students who are currently in college interested in a career in insurance.  Applicants were required to submit an essay.  There were four different essay topics applicants could select. “In addition to the financial benefit of the scholarship, we want to nurture young adults so that they think about ethics and diversity throughout their studies, and beyond. The chapter also benefits, because participation of the sponsor is a factor in the scoring,” said Julie Schocker, CPCU, past president of the Quad City CPCU Society Chapter.

Heather Coers, a graduate of Erie High School, is a student at Iowa State University.     In her essay, Heather described how her passion for animals and medicine helped her cement her decision to become a veterinarian.    Heather's sponsor is Kristin Coers, CPCU.

Bethany Hofer, a graduate of Sherrard High School, is a student at Blackhawk College.  In her essay, Bethany describes how her love for people and her passion for art have helped her form a decision to have a career in art therapy. Bethany's sponsor is Gary Hofer, CPCU.

Haley Krol, a graduate of Riverdale High School, is a student at University of Northern Iowa.   In her essay, Haley described how her passion of making a difference and influencing children's lives have cemented her future to become a teacher.  Haley's sponsor is Angie Krol, CPCU

Edward Van Camp, is a senior at Davenport Central High School and plans on attending Loras College.  In his essay, Edward described how he has demonstrated leadership ability by leading by example with his work ethic, encouragement towards his fellow teammates and friends and trying to do his best in everything he does.

Leandra Feldman is a student at the University of Iowa.  In her essay, Leandra described how her passion to be viewed as an influential leader has shaped her for a career in insurance.

Sara Ploch is a student at Illinois State University.  In her essay, Sara describes how ethics have been an important guiding principle in her life and how doing the right thing has impacted her life.  

Jacob Unmacht is a student at University of Iowa.  In his essay, Jacob describes how his passion for education will help him continue to grow as an individual.


Link to Meetings & Events - Photo Gallery site to see pictures of our Scholarship Winners. 

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